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Butchery Apprenticeship gets thumbs up in industry consultation

15/5/2019 Posted in: General News
Over 80 employers, training providers and butchery apprentices have expressed their satisfaction in the butchery apprenticeship in an ftc commissioned industry-wide consultation which ran from February – April this year. The consultation involved online surveys, face to face and telephone interviews. The apprenticeship launched three years ago and is due for review by The Institute for Apprenticeships later this year. Ftc commissioned the consultation to give all involved the chance to help shape the future of butchery apprenticeships. A report based on the findings will be shared with the butchery trailblazer group responsible for designing the apprenticeship. Highlights from the report include:
  • 80% of employers agreed that the skills taught in the apprenticeship fully met the needs of a Level 2 Butcher
  • 72% of apprentices felt their apprenticeship had been very useful in helping them do their day to day job better
  • 97% of apprentices said they would recommend the butchery apprenticeship to a friend considering butchery as a career
Stakeholders also gave their views on aspects of the apprenticeship including its structure, the mandatory 20% off the job requirement and end-point assessment. See this and more in The Butchery Apprenticeship Stakeholder Consultation Report which can be downloaded here.